Blog Plug

bloggingNot surprisingly for a writers’ group, the BWC has quite a few bloggers among its ranks. Here follows, in alphabetical (rather than preferential) order, and for your reading pleasure, a list of blogs penned by our members.

Carpathian Fog
Poems of the corporate age
By Ciprian Begu

Ceci n’est pas une cuisine
A blog about Books, Baking & Brussels
By Jeannette Cook

Claire in DC
Living, studying and writing in Washington
By Claire Handscombe

A Sheep Called Skye
The personal blog of Skype the Sheep, from Sarah’s children’s books. You can also buy the books online here.
By Sarah Harris

Drafts and stories with titles such as “When I Lit the Lawnmower on Fire”, “When I Swallowed a Straight Pin” and “The Yogurt Verisimilitudes”.
By Nathan Johnson

Mimi Kunz
Here you can find Mimi’s visual artworks – ink drawings (both abstract and figurative), photographs, installations, and performance-readings.
By Mimi Kunz

Claude Nougat’s Blog
A writer’s notes about books, art and life
By Claude Nougat

Living Room Philosophy
An interweaving of wisdom from diverse academic, popular and practical subject-matter with my personal stories, in the hopes of helping myself and others towards the good life.
By Gemma Rose

Poet in the Woods
Quirky, thought-provoking and nature poet
By Sarah Strange

Poetry and prose (in Spanish and French)
By Ocean Smets

Happy Plume
Writing workshops Sabine organises in her new hometown of Saarbrücken
By Sabine Sur

Posts about Art & Literature: Simply a blog about things I’ve seen, read and appreciated, and sometimes things I’ve done and hope others will appreciate.
By Patrick ten Brink

Stories to make you laugh, think and dream
By Norton Taylor

If you’re a BWC member and would like to add your personal blog to this list, just leave a comment here and we’ll pop it up for you.

3 thoughts on “Blog Plug

  1. My blog with stories and reports related to daily life or less daily life:

    My site/blog about my poetry project:

    PS for blogs with short stories, small thoughts or questions popping up in the head, small remarks and opinions, quotes, links to interesting articles or YouTube videos, announcements, and observations… Which blog platform would suit best?

    Both current blogs I have are having more lengthy articles and are more serious in nature so I think for those smaller posts and such they’d “drown” in between the lengthy articles. Would one recommend Tumblr, Twitter or an extra WordPress blog for these purposes?

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