New Tuesday Night Venue

La Maison des CrêpesAfter many years at the lovely Cercle des Voyageurs (from which, incidentally, we derived the ‘circle’ part of our name), we’ve recently switched our Tuesday night venue to the nearby La Maison des Crêpes. That’s right, we seem to have some sort of circle fixation here at the BWC. We’ve gone from meeting in a circle to meeting around circles. Edible ones!

La Maison des Crêpes is very nearby to the old Cercle, and we have a special room upstairs reserved especially for us. It has old encyclopaedia pages as wallpaper, so if you start to drift off while somebody’s reading (not that that ever happens), you can catch up on some antiquated knowledge. The waitstaff also pop up to see if we need to top-up our drinks throughout the evening, and to find out whether the sweet smells drifting about the place have made us desirous of pancakey sustenance.

It’s a cosy, friendly venue, right in the centre of Brussels, and we’re pretty chuffed with it so far. If you’d like to join us for a Tuesday night session sometime soon, we’ll be upstairs eating circles from 7:00pm at:

Rue du Midi 13
1000 Bruxelles

We look forward to seeing you there!

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