In Praise of Thursdays

For a while now the Brussels Writers’ Circle has been meeting three times a week: on Monday evenings, Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons. However, since Monday night continues to be the most popular, the chairman for the Thursday group, Nick Hogg, would like to gently encourage us to consider the Thursday meeting. Below he puts forward his case for Thursdays!

“As an alternative or, in many cases, a supplement to Mondays and Sunday afternoons, the BWC has been meeting at La Belladone in Rue Moris, Saint Gilles for several months now. The pub itself, an excellent choice originally made by the former Thursday evening chairman, Kailas, has the charm of a nineteenth century literary salon and is conducive to the Circle’s business. Although lacking the centrality of the Cercle des Voyageurs and being slightly outside the comfort zone of some people, the Belladone is quite easy to get to, being well served by trams and the Pre-Metro stop at Horta.

Numbers fluctuate but the Thursday meeting is typically less numerous than its big brother on Monday. The size of the group by no means detracts from the quality of criticism and, of course, the writing is up to the Group’s usual high standard. The fact there are fewer people usually means that deliberations are a little quicker with the twofold advantage of there being time for more people to read out and the literary activity of the evening usually winding up between nine and half past,¬†leaving plenty of time for the conviviality for which these meetings are also famous.

An added attraction for those arriving straight from work are the free sandwiches usually supplied by the management. The range of beverages is extensive and the ordering procedure streamlined. Come and join us if you don’t already!”

2 thoughts on “In Praise of Thursdays

  1. Thank you Nick for your excellent pitch for the Thursday meeting. The best BWC meetings are the ones where different genres of writing are read and commented upon by members of a variety of background and experience. I have to rush to France this week but, very likely, I’ll be at the following Thursday’s meeting. All the best.

  2. Hi Nick, Thursday night suits me best and I will try to come along on to the Belladonne on 13th September with another extract from my novel: approx. 1500 words or so.

    I have to get away close to 9.00 to catch a tram – not sure of the exact time – but must apologise in advance for having to leave the group so early. See you on Thursday Ann

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