Introducing the BWC

Previously known as the Brussels Writers’ Group, we recently had a rather radical rethink and decided to call ourselves the Brussels Writers’ Circle from now on. This is partly for semantic reasons (a ‘circle’ sounds more friendly and close-knit than a ‘group’), and partly because our traditional meeting place is Les Cercle des Voyageurs (The Travellers’ Circle) in Brussels, so we wanted to pay homage to our hosts.

Alongside a new name we have also decided to create a website to encourage new members to join our ranks, and to provide announcements, information and links to members’ work.

You can read more about us here, but a little note to start off with: inside the Writers’ Circle we try to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in which to share your work. This new ‘circle’ name we’ve adopted is quite apt, really. Just as it’s invaluable to have a dedicated group of readers providing feedback on your writing, it’s also valuable being able to analyse others’ work and learn from their successes (and their failures). We’re a healthily sized group with a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, and we’re always keen to add new perspectives to the mix. So if you’re writing in English and living in Brussels, or even if you’re just passing through, we welcome you to join us.